2014-15 Directory App is Live!


Thanks to Ann W, our Directory Chair, for bringing us the FIRST EVER PTA Directory App!

The PTA Board was able to test it out earlier this week and give us some excellent feedback. We were able to fine tune some elements within the app. Thank you to all of the Board Members that gave us ideas and feedback. We have been able to bring most of them to life! All PTA members will receive access to the app. If you have feedback for us, please email us at windsor25pta@gmail.com. Once you receive an email saying that you are an authorized user, then you can download the app following the directions you receive. All Individual PTA Memberships receive access to one app, while Family Memberships receive access to two apps. It is available for iPhone and Android users.

Within the app, you’ll find 3 tabs:

The 1st tab is titled “Families”. This is where each family is listed in ABC order. If a family has 2 addresses, the family will be listed twice. At this time, we can’t enter multiple addresses for each family under one Family listing. The 2nd tab is titled “Teachers/Staff”. From here you can click on a teacher’s name to view the class list. Families that have multiple teachers are listed with both teachers. The 3rd tab is titled “Calendar” and it connects you to our PTA calendar.   If you need to make a change or would like to be removed/added to the app, please complete one of our online forms found herePrinted directories will still be printed this year, and will be available shortly.