Drop and Go Update: Yellow Curb


You will notice a new broad yellow line along the curb on Windsor Drive. This is to show the appropriate area to open car doors for students to exit their vehicles onto the Windsor Parkway.

A few reminders:

-Once on Windsor Dr. please pull forward until the car in front of you stops.

-The line moves quickly, so please ask your child to be ready.

-Once along the yellow curb, you can open your door or wait for a parent volunteer in a green vest to assist your child. This promotes safety and consistency amongst all drivers and our volunteers.

-After your child has exited your car, please wait for the car in front of you to pull ahead and exit.

-DO NOT pull out from behind the car in front of you into the middle of the street. We ask that you be patient and exit behind the car in front of you.

Our new system is working well and most parents are following the rules. If you have any questions regarding Drop and Go, please ask any PTA Executive Committee Member or a member of the Juvenile Protection Committee. If you’d like to volunteer, click here.

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