Copy Process for Committee Chairs

Making copies for your event?  Here’s the process……

After flyer/permission slip is approved, make the number of copies.  The total number of current students and the number of youngest/only is on a note on the front of the “Friday packet” bin, located in the office.  Make an additional 10 copies to put in the office.  

Youngest and Only:  Use this number when one copy needed for the household.

The “Friday Packet” bin is divided by classroom teacher with the number of youngest/only next to the teacher’s name.  

Copies need to be in the Friday packet bin by 1pm on Thursdays.  Please do not stuff teacher mailboxes, place all copies in the bin.  Distribution chair(s) will put all copies in teacher mailboxes.

If you have any questions, please contact Heidi A or Jen A.

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