ABC25 Foundation 2015-16 Grants Awarded

ABC/25 Foundation Teacher Grants have been awarded.  The Foundation received a total of 115 grant applications, 84 Karen Wessel Barr and 31 Marian Elliott.  This year, funding was awarded for 39 Karen Wessel Barr Grants in the amount of $24,105.05 and 9 Marian Elliot Grants in the amount of $21,587.54. That’s a total of $45,692.59 that will be used to enhance District 25 learning!

Congratulations to the following Windsor teachers who were awarded funds for their grant requests this year – Camille Ziemann, Kathleen Corley, Alison Berg, Amy Harder, Jasmine Myalil, Lea Samartino, and Jennifer Palmer.  For a complete listing of all funded teacher grants in the district, please go to the ABC/25 Foundation website –

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