School Traffic Safety Reminders from AH Police

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Arlington Heights Police Department and Arlington Heights Schools here are a couple of safety reminders that will keep traffic moving efficiently and more importantly keep our students safe. I have been out to several schools in the past couple of months and observed a few traffic safety issues.

  1. Pull up your vehicles as far as you possibly can to drop off your students, allowing the cars behind you room.
  2. Don’t double-park to drop off your kids, and make sure your students get out of the car on the curbside.
  3. If you’re getting out of your car and walking with your students, please don’t park and leave your car in the drop off area.
  4. Students who walk to school, should be crossing the street in the crosswalk, and when that isn’t possible they should be crossing at an intersection.
  5. Obey all traffic signs on and around school property.

Inclement weather is always a challenge when it comes to traffic safety. Traffic Complaints to the Police Department and the schools multiply when we have rain, snow, or cold temperatures. Patience is required during cold, snowy or rainy days, as the times for drop off and pick up can increase. Please allow yourself time to get to work or your next destination safely. Make an attempt to get your student to school early as this will decrease traffic around the building. Driver’s vision can be decreased due to a number of factors, such as icy windshields and defective wiper blades. Slippery roadways can also add to driver anxiety.

I hope every parent will take a moment to reflect on what we all can do to keep our kids safe. Thanks for your cooperation!

Officer Veenstra
School Resource Officer
Arlington Heights Police Department

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