ABC/25 2016 School Drawing On Sale Now

Please support ABC25 through the annual Windsor School Drawing.  There are great prizes available for the students.  Tickets will also be available for purchase on the evening of February 4th at the Book Fair. Please return all tickets by Thursday, February 11th!  All proceeds benefit ABC25.


Cost:  $1.00 per ticket or $5.00 for 6 tickets!

Checks can be made payable to ABC/25 Scholarship and Grant Fund

Prizes include:

  • Lunch in the Principal’s Office
  • Recess Dance Party in the Gym
  • Principal for 1⁄2 Day
    Assistant Principal for 1⁄2 Day
    LMC/Tech Facilitator/ALF Wonder Book Basket
  • Four Front Row Seats for the 5th grade Chorus Show on May 24th  NEW!!
  • Four Front Row Seats for the 2nd grade Music Show on April 26th NEW!!
  • Assist the School Nurse
  • Office Assistant
  • Open Gym with Mr. Gember
  • Co-Teach a Music Class with Mrs. Ziemann
  • LMC Assistant for a 1⁄2 Day
  • Crafts and Cookie Time with Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teachers Lunchtime Games & Dessert with the 2nd grade teachers
  • African Drumming Lesson
  • Meet the Newest American Girl
  • Gift Basket from the Intermediate and Resource Teachers
  • Lunch with our School Resource Officer, Rick Veneestra
  • Kid’s Food From Around the World
  • Star Wars Themed Gift Basket from the Foundations and the Communications
  • Teachers Lunch Time, Clay Time with Ms. Kasprzak
  • Lunch Time, DRAW TIME with Ms. Kasprzak
  • Framed Art drawn by our very own art teacher, Ms. Kasprzak


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