Vote to Fill 2018/19 Secretary Vacancy

ATTENTION Exec Board: Special Meeting to Elect Secretary

On Monday, Aug 6th @ 9:30 AM (CDT), our PTA President (along with the Executive Committee) is holding a special meeting to elect a person – Samantha Sheehan – to fill the Secretary vacancy.

  • This meeting will be held via conference call and will last approx 5 min.
  • Call-in details will be emailed to current PTA committee chairs/co-chairs and officers email addresses.
  • Only 2018/19 PTA Executive Board Members will be able to vote (see note below **).


In accordance with our bylaws – Article VI (OFFICERS AND THEIR ELECTION), Section 5.a – which states that “a vacancy occurring in any other office [than office of president and in our case the office of Secretary it] shall be filled for the un-expired term by a person elected by a majority vote of the remaining members of the executive board, notice of such election having been given.”

Therefore our President is calling for a special meeting to elect a person – Samantha Sheehan – to serve the remaining term of the office of Secretary for 2018/19.

** NOTE: A member of the executive board is either a current PTA committee chair/co-chair or an elected officer.  In PTA speak (and our bylaws), this collective group (along with the school principal or representative) is known as the “Executive Board” and our group of elected officers is known as the “Executive Committee”.

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