ABC/25 Foundation 2017/18 Grants


Thank you to Ann Poyer & Elyse Coval for presenting info at our first PTA Meeting (in Sept) on ABC/25 Foundation and all the wonderful teacher grants ABC/25 funded for our district schools this past year!

We invite you to watch this ABC/25 2017/18 Grants video to see the grants in action!

Mark your calendars for the Just Move It Challenge (JMI) on April 13th, 2019!  This event is the main fundraiser for ABC/25 Foundation and we appreciate the support this organization gives to all our SD25 schools!


We greatly appreciate this not-for-profit foundation and the Windsor parents who volunteer their time!  A special thanks to Angie Thanopolous (JMI Race Co-Director), Daniella Griffiths (JMI Liaison for Windsor), Ann Poyer (Grants, Secretary, & Communications), Elyse Coval (Grants Liaison for Windsor), and Will Unger (Treasurer)!

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