Thank You for Making Veterans Day Breakfast so Special

Thank you to everyone…

…For helping us celebrate our Veterans on Thursday, Nov 8th!

More than 50 Veterans were hosted at the Windsor PTA Veterans Day Breakfast and an overall attendance of 200 Veterans, family members, friends, and students made for an amazing breakfast!  Plus the Wall of Honor displayed over 160 Veterans all made for an  overall amazing and uplifting day!

…For being a Windsor PTA Member!

Part of your local membership dues and your contributions to 2018/19 fundraising has made it possible for the Windsor PTA to host the 2018 Veterans Breakfast!  Also thank you to the Windsor community for supplemental donations of juice, water, muffins, and creamer that helped complete the spread!

Check out photos on Twitter, search for @WINDSOR_PTA & Veterans & @WindsorWildcats!

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