Start Planning for the 2019 Science Fair

Is your child interested in science?  Do they like to ask questions, problem solve, or investigate?

We have just the right activity for them…. create a project for the 2019 Windsor Science & Engineering Fair!  To gauge if this is something your child would be interested in doing, read the summary below OR go straight to the 2019 flyer below…

⇒ Official Science & Engineering Flyer ⇐ CLICK HERE


What is the Science & Engineering Fair?

  • A fun, non-competitive opportunity for students to show off their creative, scientific and engineering problem solving abilities.
  • A great way to gain experience presenting, organizing data, and sharing information.

Who Can Participate? All current Windsor students – K-5th grade – as individuals or as part of a team.

When & Where is the fair? Thursday, February 7th, 6:00-8:00 PM (Windsor Commons), but the deadline to enter is Jan 24th.  See Google form link below.


What All is Involved?

  • At home, students conduct their own scientific investigation OR propose a solution to an engineering design problem.
  • At home, students create a final project to share their results  (via a poster presentation, a short 2-min video, or a combination of these).
  • On the night of the fair (2/7/19), students share their projects with a “Science Fair Mentor” (aka a South Middle School Science Olympiad team member) and receive recognition.

Sounds Good, So What’s Next? 

  • Strike up a conversation with your child to gauge if they would be interested in creating a project.
  • Start brainstorming ideas with your child and encourage them to explore areas of interest in either the scientific or engineering realms.
  • Stay tuned for additional details – as project requirements, helpful resources, and guideline will be shared soon!
  • Keep in mind the Deadline to Enter is Thursday Jan. 24th, 2019!  So start planning today so you are prepared when it comes time to register!  Access the online Google form to register (preferred method) –


  • Contact the Science Fair Committee – Kevin Ford <>, Jon Hendrickson <>, & John Hamada <>

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