Up For Review: 2019 Amended Bylaws (vote 5/14)

Bylaws are the fundamental governing rules of a PTA. The Windsor PTA bylaws contain basic rules relating to the association as an organization in order to conduct the unit’s business and govern its affairs.

With the 2019 amendment we have further defined the president-elect office (building upon the introduction of this office in May 2018 to allow for a 1:1 officer to vote ratio) and we propose a reduced quorum from ten (10) to nine (9). Here are the proposed 2019 Windsor PTA Bylaws in it’s entirety. These will be up for a vote at our May 14th (7 PM) meeting.

For the extra curious, visit the following website for a side-by-side comparison of the 2018 & 2019 amendments – https://draftable.com/compare/aSHkhnrPZAMl

Please contact the Bylaws Committee with any questions or concerns, Lauren Stump <vp2windsorpta@gmail.com> or Heather Lepold <heatherlepold@gmail.com>.

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