Help PTA Close Out 2018/19

Attention Committee Chairs!

The Executive Committee Needs Your Help to finish out our PTA year!

Please complete the EOY/POW report for your committee on or before Monday, May 13th. If your committee has not yet completed it’s work, please complete as soon as you can after the event is done.  Thank you in advance for your dedication!

2018/19 End of Year Report –

Due on or before – MONDAY, MAY 13

These reports help our officers – now and over the summer – to plan, prepare, and learn from you – our most dedicated volunteers! Thank you for your time and talents this school year!

Share your Ideas

We would like your ideas for using excess funds. We have a handful of events remaining this year, but if we stay on budget we anticipate having a few hundred dollars left. Thank you for helping us make this year a success!

2018/19 Excess Funds Ideas –

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