Directory Spot Coming Soon!


Coming Soon – 2019-2020 DirectorySpot Data!

Attention Windsor PTA members!

Behind the scenes 2019-2020 student, teacher, and classroom data is being loaded, sorted, and organized by our amazing Directory Spot Chair (John Prejzner)!! He’s diligently working to get data up and ready for members! So stay tuned for our website Blog Post announcing when it will be available!

Directory Spot is Windsor School’s eco-friendly (ie paperless) School Directory; and is also a perk of being an Individual Member of the Windsor PTA*.

If you haven’t already, consider becoming a member of the Windsor PTA to gain access to this invaluable resource!

*Once 2019-2020 data is ready, users gain access to DS data via a username. This username is the same email address they provided when joining our PTA for 2019-2020. Read last year’s post to see what will be coming. Or access our dedicated directoryspot website.

Please email with questions.