Wildcat Dance Party | Fri, Jan 24 |6:30-8:15pm| RSVP

Mark Your Calendars & Join the Fun

DATE: Fri, Jan 24th

TIME*: 6:30-8:15 PM (6:30-7 PM will be sensory friendly)

LOCATION: Windsor Gym

This event is for children that attend Windsor K-5, no siblings will be allowed that are not currently enrolled at Windsor. Parents/guardians must attend this event with their child.

* Sensory friendly time starting at 6:30-7 pm (regular lights and lower volume music).  Dance ends at 8:15 pm.  We invite any student/family who may enjoy a less stimulating set-up to enjoy this sensory friendly time when the gym will be lit and music will not be loud.

Only children attending Windsor are allowed at this event. All children must be accompanied by an adult or approved adult.



Please RSVP by January 20.

A suggested $5 donation to attend is appreciated, but not required. Your donation will help offset costs for programs for the second half of the school year.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Any questions, please contact Kathy (krousonelos@gmail.com), Ann (annmcg1@aol.com), or Robyn (robynjanet@yahoo.com).


Individuals with disabilities should notify the principal 3 school days prior to the event or sooner, if they have a disability that will require special assistance or services.

NOTICE: This event is solely sponsored by the Windsor PTA. School staff might not be present and have no responsibility for the event. Please direct all inquiries or concerns to the Windsor PTA.

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