Become a Member of the Windsor PTA!


“…joining your local PTA is what we, our communities, and all of our children need….. Your membership supports a myriad of programs at your local school and beyond.”

Aug 2019 – Jim Sklena, Illinois PTA Northwest Cook Region Board Member

Cost is $12 for a 2019-20 Individual PTA membership and you can join at anytime!  If you joined while registering your child(ren) for school we thank you! But if not, it’s not too late. There’s still time this year to join Windsor PTA via And gain access to our Windsor PTA Directory! 😉

Learn more about the benefits from our Membership Page ( or read a note from our current Windsor PTA President below.

Dear Windsor Families,

Some of you reading this may have never even thought you should join your local PTA for one reason or another. To be completely honest, you may not care for the people running your local PTA, and that’s OK. You may be too busy to help, and that’s OK too! You aren’t obligated to do anything when you join your local PTA. You aren’t required to volunteer or attend all the PTA meetings. You won’t have to speak in front of a group of strangers at a PTA meeting either. However, with your PTA membership you are helping your local PTA make a difference in so many children’s lives.

I believe by joining the Windsor PTA each year you help PTA make a difference in our community, our school and to all of our children! Together we are advocates and make positive influence on not only our own child(ren), but all children! Thank you to all who are members and if you’re not a member *yet*, it’s not too late! 😉 We invite you to join today or during spring registration each year you are at Windsor! We’d love for everyone to come together (Moms, Dads, Partners, Childcare providers, Grandparents, Business Owners, etc) in our community to be members as we try to do good things for great kids! 🙂

Sincerely, Heather Lepold (Your 2019/20 Windsor PTA President)

P.S. You’ll also gain access to the Windsor PTA Directory (an invaluable resource for connecting with your student’s classmates for play dates & birthday invites)!

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