Class of 2021 Memory Slideshow – Send Us Your Photos

ATTENTION 5th-Grade Parents and Guardians!

We need your help to continue the Windsor tradition of creating a slideshow that will celebrate the elementary years of our outgoing 5th graders!  To make that happen we need your help to provide school-related photos so all 5th grade students are represented equally, but need your help to make that happen! Please see the official flyer for full details.  Photos are due by March 31!

We need a total of 4 photos per child. The 4 photos can be from any grade, Kindergarten through 5th grade, of your child alone or with other children in his/her grade. Consider sending in 2 of your child alone and 2 in a group; though, a different combination of photos works, as long as there are no more than four.

How we can make this successful and organized:

  1. Send the photos to the correct committee member based on your child’s teacher.
    • Dastice — (Heather Lepold)
    • Flauter — (Julie Kougias)
    • Leberecht — (Erin Miller)
    • Pinski — (Beth Deiter)
  2. Please put your child’s name in the subject of the email message.
  3. Email all 4 photos at one time and as a .jpg file if possible.
  4. Label each picture with your child’s name and the grade the photo was taken. Example: Joe Smith_1
  5. If you have a hardcopy, scan the photo or take a picture of the photo, then email.
  6. Please submit all photos no later than Wednesday, March 31. If we do not receive photos by the due date, your child may not be included.

Thank you in advance for helping us make this special memory for Windsor’s Class of 2019!

5th Grade Memory Committee

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