Junior Great Books Information

Attention all readers!! Junior Great Books is so excited to get started again in January 2022! Groups for grade levels 1-5 will meet during 40 minutes of lunch time (the recess portion) once a week.  5th grade groups will be able to bring their lunches and eat during the last ten minutes of their JGB meeting. We will do our very best to keep the groups small (5-7 children or fewer) and they will absolutely be spaced out safely and wear masks while not eating (eating only applies to 5th). Groups need to have two or more children signed up to run for the purposes of discussion and we need to recruit volunteer teachers! This program depends on it! 

Please email Leah (lraeross6@gmail.com) if you’d like to volunteer to teach one of these leveled groups once a week. Partner teaching with a friend is also a great idea so you can switch off week to week and half the commitment! The job is easy and fun! Read some great stories and plan a little discussion/activity for the children. They really will lead the way! 

If you are signing your child up for Junior Great Books, books must be purchased for $22.00, checks made payable to “Windsor PTA”
(Books available for borrowing potentially upon request but limited supply). 

Extra forms are in the main office and the PDF is linked here for printing. Send with your child to hand into the main office.

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