Attention Parents & Staff, teachers and Valentine’s Day party volunteers!

The Valentine’s Day parties are tomorrow, so get your cameras ready as we need pictures for the yearbook!  Due to having to limit the number of volunteers in the classrooms, we don’t have designated photographers for each classroom, so any photos you can take would be much appreciated!

Here are some helpful guidelines for taking pictures:

  • Please take a whole group/class shot (might be best to take at the beginning of the party).
  • Capture a variety of different students in your pictures and please try to include each student at least once. Taking group pictures of 3-5 kids is great!
  • Ask kids to look at the camera.
  • Take good quality photos.

We need as many photos as we can get, and contributing photos from school activities and classroom events is the best way to help everyone be represented in the yearbook.  Just email your photos to the yearbook email account or to the yearbook committee member assigned to your grade.  Thank you in advance!

Yearbook email address:

Yearbook committee members’ email addresses:

•Kindergarten: Becky

•1st Grade: Amy

•2nd Grade: Angela

•3rd Grade: Michele

•4th Grade: Suzanne

•5th Grade: Robyn

Please include the teacher’s name and the event/activity in your email so we know which class/event the photos represent.  We encourage you to submit your photos ASAP as we are already working on the yearbook pages.

* By submitting a photo, you give the yearbook committee approval to use the photo in this year‘s yearbook.

Thank you again for contributing images and making our yearbook that much more successful!  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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