Kids in Clubs

There are many clubs that Windsor students can join throughout the year.  Some are offered as PTA programs and others are offered by our Windsor teachers.  Click on highlighted links to learn more and be sure to check back often to see what our talented kids have done!

Art Club (4th Grade – Ms. Kasprsak)    Held during lunch recess.  Work to bring artwork throughout the school.

Basketball Club (4th/5th Grade – Mr. Joynt and Miss Moran)  Held in the Gym after school.  Space limited, sign up required.

Book Club (4th & 5th Grades – LMC) Held during lunch recess: 11:50 -12:20.  Bring your sense of humor, insight, and critique of the story. Books are be provided and should be read before the next meeting date.

Caught Being Good (3rd – 5th Grades  – Mrs. Cooke)  Help identify “Worthy Wildcats” each month. We will look through the Caught Being Good coupons and help determine which students’ actions are being noticed by others!

Chess Club (PTA) Students will learn Chess strategy and have the opportunity to play in Chess tournaments.  Sessions run throughout the year.  Check for details.  The club meets  in the LMC on Fridays 3:40 – 4:40 P.M.

Chorus (5th Grade – Mrs. Zieman) Chorus is open to all 5th graders and will meet lunch recess.

Coding Club (PTA) Open to 3rd-5th graders, after school.

Dance Club (Mr. Gember)  Open to 5th Graders who will perform at the Spring Chorus concert. Tryouts required.

The Green Team (PTA)  Reduce, re-use, recycle and have fun learning how to take care of our Earth.  Also, get a chance to help out the the Windsor School Garden.

Junior Great Books (PTA) is an extracurricular enriched reading program.  Children meet in informal groups with volunteer leaders to read and discuss selected short stories. The stories include fairytales and folk tales from around the globe.  Check out their website,

Kidznewz (LMC)

Peer Helpers (4th Grade – Windsor School social worker) Peer Helpers provides an opportunity for 4th grade students to mentor, support, and assist students in the Foundations and Communications programs. Peer Helpers will assist these students with lunchroom routines and facilitate positive social interactions during recess.

Running Club (PTA)  Come to Windsor’s Running Club and join in on the fun and fitness! Running club held in Fall and Spring, 3:35 to 4:30 p.m.  Check out for details.

Reflections (PTA) Provides opportunities for students to express themselves and to receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts based on a selected theme. Students create and submit works of art in six areas: dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts (which includes art forms such as drawing, painting, print making, and collage).

Safety Patrol (5th Grade – Mr. Brogni) Safety Patrol members help students safely cross the streets near our school.  Patrol members are also stationed at each Windsor entrance.  Patrol members work before and after school, rotating teams every two weeks.

Student Council Open to 3rd-5th graders, selected at beginning of the year.  

Tech for Kids (3rd, 4th, 5th Grade – Mrs. Briggs) includes Morning Announcements, Tech club and Tech Captains.  Some of the topics might include: Keynote, Google SketchUp, GarageBand, Podcasting, Web Design and many others. Groups will be formed based on the number of interested students. If you sign up for Tech Club, come ready to work!