Windsor PTA Directory App

Windsor PTA brings you an all new way to stay connected! Introducing the Windsor PTA Directory App for the 2014-2015 school year, brought to you by a local company called DirectorySpot!

 This is so exciting, since it offers flexibility with the directory data, like:

• New students can be added throughout the year

• Update student information throughout the year

• Live directory in September


• Password protected and secure

• Only Windsor PTA members are given access to the app

• Individual PTA memberships receive 1 free app

• Family PTA memberships receive 2 free apps

For the 2014-2015 school year, you will receive a printed directory and access to the app!

The Windsor PTA directory is for private use only, and it cannot be used for solicitation, commercial enterprises, personal agenda, public distribution, petitions, charitable, or political causes.

Click here to learn more about it!HOW IT WORKS


imgres-1 HOW DO I GET IT?

The app is not live yet. You will receive an email in the late summer/early fall to let you know it is live and giving you directions so you can log-in and use it!


Did you just enroll at Windsor? Did you move since you registered at school? Did you “opt-out” of the directory during online registration, but want to be in the app? If you answered yes, then click HERE to be added to the directory app.


Did you change your mind since registering? Did you want to be in the printed directory, but not the digital app version? If you answered yes, then click HERE to be removed to the directory app. Your child’s name will still be listed under his or her teacher’s name, just like the printed PTA directory.

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