PTA Bylaws & Procedure Guide

Windsor Bylaws:  Approved 5/14/19, effective as of 5/14/2019

PTA Procedure Guide: This document should be read by all PTA Committee Chairs. It is updated every 2 years.  Please note, we are in the process of updating this for 2019/20.

Standing Rules – Pending/Coming Soon!

Social Media Policy – as of Oct 31, 2018

From the Treasurer

Check/Reimbursement Request FormComplete form for reimbursement of items purchased for the PTA.  Question about this form, contact the our Treasurer at

Debit Voucher:  Complete to deposit funds from a PTA event.  These funds should be deposited with 2 business days after event occurs.  Question about this form, contact our Treasurer at

From the President & President Elect

Understanding the Roles of President and President Elect

From the Secretary

PTA Meeting Minutes:  Meeting minutes are typically posted within a week of the monthly meeting.  Official approval will occur at the following month’s PTA meeting, but please review to see what is happening.  Any questions about the current year meeting minutes, contact our Secretary (

2019-20 School Year

  • Sept 10 – coming soon
  • Oct 8 – coming soon
  • Nov 12, Jan 14, Feb 11, Apr 14, May 12

2018-19 School Year

Links to Resource Pages on

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