PTA Bylaws & Procedure Guide

NEW! Windsor Bylaws:  Approved 5/14/19, effective as of 5/14/2019

PTA Procedure Guide: This document should be read by all PTA Committee Chairs. It is updated every 2 years.  Please note, we are in the process of updating this for 2019/20.

Standing Rules – Pending/Coming Soon!

Social Media Policy – as of Oct 31, 2018

For Committee Chairs

  • End Of Year Report (EOY Report):  Committee chair must complete this document once activity has ended for the year.  Questions about this form should be directed to the PTA Executive Committee.
  • Plan of Work (POW): New or changes to committees should submit a plan of work to provide the Executive Committee and Principal with information about the new committee or new/changed project. Questions about this form should be direct to the PTA Executive Committee.
  • Planning Your PTA Event:  Click HERE to access a PDF with info to help you get your PTA event started.
  • PTA Logo:  When making a PTA flyer, please make sure to include the “ribbon” PTA Windsor logo.
    • PNG “ribbon” Windsor PTA Logo – PNG File
    • JPG “ribbon” Windsor PTA Logo – JPG File
  • PTA Disclaimer: Should be on all PTA flyers.

NOTICE:  This event is solely sponsored by the Windsor PTA.  School staff might not be present and have no responsibility for the event.  Please direct all inquiries or concerns to the Windsor PTA.

Information for Room Reps

Food Policy:  Planning the Halloween or Valentine’s Day party for your student’s class? Please review the school handbook for further information.  Information can be found on the the district website (; navigate to Families > Parent Handbook – ’18-’19

Idea Bank:  To help our wonderful Windsor wildcat volunteers, an  idea bank was developed for Halloween and Valentine’s Day parties. Select Idea Bank for a list of ideas sent in by other parent volunteers.  If you have ideas to add, please contact the PTA Executive Committee.

From the Treasurer

Check/Reimbursement RequestComplete form for reimbursement of items purchased for the PTA.  Question about this form, contact the PTA Treasurer –  Sarah Anderson.

Debit Voucher:  Complete to deposit funds from a PTA event.  These funds should be deposited with 2 business days after event occurs.  Question about this form, contact the PTA Treasurer –  Sarah Anderson.

From the President & President Elect

Understanding the Roles of President and President Elect

Plan of Work:  The Plan of Work document should only be filled out by new committees or if the  committee is making changes for next school year.  Question about this form, please contact the PTA Executive Committee.

From the Secretary

PTA Meeting Minutes:  Meeting minutes are typically posted within a week of the monthly meeting.  Official approval will occur at the following month’s PTA meeting, but please review to see what is happening.  Any questions about the current year meeting minutes, contact the Windsor PTA Secretary.

2018-19 School Year

PTA Meeting DateApproved Minutes
May 14, 2019 (7 pm)PENDING Approval in Sept – 5.14.2019 Unapproved Minutes
April 9, 20194.9.2019 Approved PTA Minutes – updated
March 12, 20193.12.2019 Approved PTA Minutes – updated
February 12, 20192.12. 2019 Approved PTA Minutes
January 15, 20191.15.2019 Approved PTA Minutes
November 13, 201811.13.2018 Approved PTA Minutes
October 9, 201810.9.2018 Approved PTA Minutes
September 11, 20189.11.2018 Approved PTA Minutes
August 6, 2018 (special mtg)8.6.2018 Approved PTA Minutes

2017-18 School Year

2016-17 School Year

For Parents

Windsor School Weebly Links

Windsor Staff Run Clubs

Click HERE to access Windsor’s Club Home page (where there is a list of before/after school clubs available that are sponsored by Windsor staff (not affiliated with PTA) –

District 25 Resources

  • School Lunch Menu:  Click HERE for the SD25 2018-2019 Lunch Menu.
  • My MealTime Account: Click HERE to add money to your student’s account.  If you need your student account, contact the main office for assistance.
  • District 25 Community eFlyersClick HERE to read current eFlyers (published weekly) that contain community information that pertain to all district schools.
  • School Board/Legislation Throughout the school year, our PTA Legislation Committee attends monthly District 25 School Board meetings and reports back during our PTA Meetings the important issues discussed.  Click HERE for the Board Buzz.

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