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Directory Spot

Data for the 2021-2022 school year has been updated in Directory Spot. Your PTA membership gives you access to Directory Spot, our online directory, which provides contact info for both Windsor families and staff and current classroom lists. The App version has a link to the school calendar and info tab with links to Windsor’s absentee form, school website, lunch menu, PTA website and info like the Windsor address, main phone and fax. The website version provides downloadable PDFs.

If you joined Windsor PTA during school registration, you should be able to access Windsor’s Directory Spot. However, if you joined during the school year there will be a delay before you can access this data. To get started in Directory Spot or learn about helpful features, visit

Please Note: DirectorySpot (DS) is a digital directory that is updated annually, typically in Sept, with new school year data. If you are a current PTA member and would like to request a second user account, please complete this DS Request for 2nd User Account Google Form.

Two Ways to Access Data

  • Via the mobile App (iOS & Android) – smartphone or tablet device
  • Via the DS website – any browser should work

Questions or Updates

If you have any question or at any point during the school year you notice either your family or student information is not current or if you want to display/not display certain contact information, please email us to ask or let us know.


Windsor Directory,