Committee Chairs

Details from the Treasurer

Check/Reimbursement Request Form (online editable): Complete this form within 30 days of a purchase for reimbursement of items purchased for the PTA.  Please contact the treasurer with any question about this form, and cc:

Deposit Voucher (online editable):  Complete to deposit funds from a PTA event.  These funds should be deposited with 2 business days after event occurs.  Please contact the treasurer with any question about this form, and CC:

Tax Exempt Certificate: This certificate is to be used for all purchases. You will NOT be reimbursed the tax
portion of your purchase if you do not use the tax-exempt letter, unless the business
does not accept tax exempt (i.e., Costco).

Committee Planning

  • Windsor PTA Bylaws: Click HERE
  • Windsor PTA Procedure Guide: Click HERE. These guidelines have been compiled to help each PTA Board Member understand the scope of responsibilities specific to his/her chairmanship. These supplement the outline of duties set forth in the Windsor PTA Bylaws.
  • Planning Your PTA Event:  Click HERE to access a PDF with info to help you get your PTA event started (from 2015).
  • Understanding the process of distribution – Click HERE!
  • PTA Logo:  When making a PTA flyer, please make sure to include the “ribbon” PTA Windsor logo.
    • PNG “ribbon” Windsor PTA Logo – PNG File
    • JPG “ribbon” Windsor PTA Logo – JPG File

ADA Disclaimer – should be on PTA event flyers

Individuals with disabilities should notify the principal 3 school days prior to the event or sooner, if they have a disability that will require special assistance or services.

PTA Disclaimer (pending – should be on PTA flyers)

NOTICE:  This event is solely sponsored by the Windsor PTA.  School staff might not be present and have no responsibility for the event.  Please direct all inquiries or concerns to the Windsor PTA.

  • End Of Year Report (EOY Report):  A committee chair should complete this document once their activity has ended for the year.  Questions about this form should be directed to your VP.
  • Plan of Work (POW): New or changes to committees should submit a plan of work to provide the Executive Committee and Principal with information about the new committee or new/changed project. Questions about this form should be direct to your VP.

DEI Committee Charter: Click HERE.

Access the latest list of committee chairs (To be updated)